Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Challenge For The Media

Fort Wayne media primarily operates in a reactionary mode. Aside from covering fires, floods and disasters, they cover stories when prompted to by press releases issues by the authorities or other organizations that they favor. 

So, here's a challenge for Fort Wayne media: There is reason to believe that the Treasure House Thrift store/rescue mission, for reasons that are not quite clear, threw out dozens of garbage bags full of clothes that were donated to them. Sounds impossible, right? 

Please direct your attention to this person's Facebook page and note the audio recording and text information there. 

Here's the link to the video:

If this is a real story, please report it. If this is a hoax or misunderstanding, please let us know. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

21Alive, Spell Much?

Melissa Long has picked a perfect time to abandon the TV news industry. 

21Alive has new owners, lazy reporters, and people who can't spell.

On a memorable day for Melissa, an idiot co-worker made it even more memorable by illustrating what is wrong with local TV news. Lazy, inept, and with little concern for their product.

Melissa Long deserved much better than this. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Big Yawn

FedMed, owner of WOWO and a handful of other stations in town is notorious for tinkering with their stations and for over-promising and under-delivering. While FedMed can write a press release that even Barry LaBov, master showman, motivational speaker and mediocre golfer, would applaud, when it comes time for FedMed to deliver, the results are usually so-so.

With WOWO purchasing a low-power FM channel on 107.5 in November, the empty suits in the double-wide out on Maples Road will now be able to confuse and confound FM listeners who've been accustomed to hearing the Mighty 1190 on the 92.3 channel. The issues are two-fold. First, listener habits are usually slow to change. For many the switch will be a surprise and listeners will find themselves having to tune back over to the AM 1190 frequency and it's poor night time signal when they can no longer hear used car salesman Charley Butcher, the Komets or those weekend financial planner dudes on 92.3. Further, because the 107.5 channel is only a fraction of the power of the 92.3 channel (as determined and set by the FCC rules and regulations) many listeners in the outlying counties may not enjoy the crisp, clean and refreshing listening experience they once received on the 92.3 spot. 

Now, whats to become of the 92.3 channel once the move is "complete"? That's open to conjecture. An influential Northeast US media writer has noted that the 92.3 signal again sports the original WFWI call letters, changed last month. FedMed also has nailed down a couple of internet URLs, webpage names, and Twitter account names, a practice designed to confuse the competition. The Maven is pretty sure FedMed doesn't really know at this point but many signs point to some sort of Classic Hits/Rock format. 

 It's been general knowledge the 107.5 spot was being eyed by a couple of other Fort Wayne radio companies, and FedMed didn't want to be left out of the fracas, pulling some strings and backroom maneuvering to nail down the channel. The quick and efficient way the Adams Radio group has used two of these peanut-powered FM signals (96.9 and 103.3) to place "flanking" formats on the air with little trouble and little cost shows the value of these tiny spots on the dial. This tactic is designed to siphon off listeners and advertising dollars from competitors already established stations/formats. The more, the merrier. 

The Maven's advertising agency friend portrays the changes as "same sh*t, different day." Same Rush Limbaugh, same Pat Miller, same confused news department. 

If FedMed is stuck on ideas for 92.3, the Maven hear's that this format is available, real cheap.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WANE TV Does It Again

It is a heart-breaking story. A car accident takes two young lives. 

Families grieve, friends grieve. 

WANE TV confuses instead of informing.

It's always been a fetish of media to stick a microphone in the faces of the families and friends of victims asking how they feel. WANE TV reached out to those close to the victims and compiled quotes about the deceased young men. One of those quotes from the WANE TV news story:

Now, from the Facebook comments section about the story, Caitlyn (we've blurred her last name) is surprised to find out she was dating one of the victims:

Well, Caitlyn, that will teach you to speak to the media. 

A good journalist would have details like this nailed down, but remember no one matching that description seems to work at WANE TV. But WANE is very good at reading Health Department reports and brow beating Asian cafe owners. 

The Maven extends condolences to friends and family of the accident victims and offers an apology to Caitlyn for her treatment at the hands of WANE TV. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey, It's Kendallville

If you notice nothing amiss with the headline above, please move on, and go about your business. 

If you notice a glaring, insulting error with the headline, please call KPC media, and tell them they are complete, blithering idiots. 

You can reach KPC media, proud publishers of the Kendallville Sun, Auburn Star and Angola Herald Republican, at 260-347-0400, or email to

Thanks KPC Media, for making Fort Wayne media outlets appear to be freakin' geniuses and serious journalists. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Mediocre Are Always At Their Best

The kids in the WOWO news room, doing their best to make WANE TV look like a credible news source.

If the accident occurred at 6:30am, and this story was written at approximately 2:00pm, then someone trapped in the wreck for 20 hours would be a physical impossibility. The Maven thinks 20 minutes might be what the confused WOWO writer had in mind.

Oh, and the first and second paragraphs contain similar information and are redundant. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

15 Does It Again

Someone at WANE TV needs to step up and take responsibility for the laughing stock the station's news is becoming.

Tonight (11/24) at 6pm, while the female anchor read a story about Snider High School being evacuated due to a report of smoke in the building (false alarm) viewers saw B-roll video of the previous story about the deadly house explosion in Ashley, last night. While the the anchor properly and efficiently read the Snider story, we were treated to 15-20 seconds of video of the smoking remains and rubble of a house explosion. Uh, not good. 

This is the same outfit that thinks State Boulevard intersects with a small ditch named Spy Run Creek. While it crosses over Spy Run Creek, streets don't intersect with bodies of water. 

It was WANE TV, last month, that promoted a mayoral debate that happened 8 years ago. "Hello, Matt Kelty"! 

Yes, the same WANE TV that runs a news story for something that has not happened yet.

And who can forget the last shooting at Piere's parking lot. Every news outlet in town used Piere's name, except WANE TV, who called it "a night club in the Marketplace of Canterbury". Playing favorites to protect their friends. (Yes, WPTA copied from the police press release that spelled Piere's incorrectly). But they did name the business, as did every other news outlet in town.

And we thought the kids in the WOWO news room were bad. This bunch is another story. 

Someone needs to take responsibility, someone needs to fix this mess. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lazy or Afraid?

A crusty old TV assignment editor asked the Maven a rather curious question the other day. 

"Given the scandal at the City Clerk's office, why hasn't anyone (media) followed up with other governmental offices to find out what policies and procedures are in place to prevent this kind of scandal in their office?" It's a good question and a great story idea because it may put some cranky citizens at ease, and afford other government offices the opportunity to be viewed in a positive light. 

To the Maven's knowledge, there have been no stories addressing the subject. 


The joke about Fort Wayne media is that it's not news, unless there's a press release ... or a smoking-gun video tape.

For reasons which are mostly explainable, media outlets seem to do their jobs only when prompted to.....pushed into action by a press release or, "that damned video tape".

Is media is lazy, or just being overly cautious? The Maven feels it's a combination factors, the least of which is the desire for many entry-level reporters to "pay their dues" and move on to larger markets. They go through the motions, knowing they won't be here in a year, and owe this audience nothing. Grand Rapids and Indy await. 
People who own/manage media have other reasons to be cautious about what their reporters put on the air. For the most part it has little to do with legal concerns, but most likely those media executives are petrified about making powerful politicians and important advertisers angry and vindictive. That can directly impact sales, revenue, job security, and the quality of the plastic surgeon performing their wife's new boob job. 

If you're looking for objective, responsive media, you won't find it here. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

WANE TV - Confused As Ususal

File this in the "If you were from around here, you'd know..".

Car runs off State Boulevard and lands in Spy Run Creek. Simple enough. 

NOT, if you're WANE TV. 

Since the home of "15 Finds Out", can't seem to find their collective asses, even using both hands, we're provided with one of the worst written news stories of the week. 

The Maven has added some helpful editor's marks to the story. 

WANE TV "journalists": Twice in the story you call it a ditch, once you call it a creek. The fact of the matter is it's an actual body of water known as Spy Run Creek. 

There is no intersection of State Boulevard and Spy Run Creek. The actual intersecting street is know as either Eastbrook Drive or Westbrook Drive which run parallel with the Creek.

And whoever taught the writer that it was a grand idea to begin a story in such a limp and impotent manner should be beaten with computer keyboard. 

What is amazing to the Maven, is the fact that most WANE TV "journalists" cross this intersection numerous times a day and night, on quick runs to the Lassus Handy Dandy at State and Clinton for Red Bull and cigarettes. Must have never looked at the street signs.

Friday, November 6, 2015

One Journalist Who Gets It....

Every now and then the truth is spoken in such a manner, that there is nothing more that can be added.

The News Sentinel's Kevin Leininger speaks the truth. The Maven agrees.

Read Kevin's article, "Shameful "expose of hood-wearing public officials proves media have earned public's mistrust"


Monday, November 2, 2015

Misplaced Media Priorities

First it was NBC33's breathless news story that the Henry campaign was using a revolutionary, new technology called QR codes on their yard signs. In their haste to cut and paste the campaign press release into their iPads for immediate broadcast, NBC33 neglected to recall that QR codes have been used since 1994 and have been used on Fort Wayne political print advertising for the last two election cycles. Why let the facts get in the way of a good news story that helps your candidate?

Now the media is celebrating another technological milestone from the democrat incumbent's stable to campaign geniuses. A Townhall Meeting via text and this new thing called "social media"! The Maven can only imagine the cluster-foxtrot this will become. But, again, we gotta support our guy. Media has a vested interest in the status quo, after all. 
Here's an example of WOWO's Breaking News report:  
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Campaigning in Fort Wayne is taking a on a new twist.
All candidates put up yard signs, go door-to-door and take part in community events.

Monday afternoon, Mayor Tom Henry's re-election efforts take to cyber space. He'll be holding an electronic town hall of sorts as he takes questions from text and social media.

Campaign officials say its not only their job to engage residents to share the Henry message, they have also make it convenient for voters to share their concerns.

You may have noticed a number of large signs around the community showing a text number and Q-R code. Those are strategically linked to key election information

The Maven wonders out loud if all of this is good PR by the Henry campaign or just the fact that those who write the news and decide what goes on the air are just easily-impressed young adults who would rather discuss technology, new music, and/or the latest, trendy drink that Club Soda bartenders have created. 

In addition, the election is less than 24 hours away, one would think that informed voters already had enough information to make their decisions....instead of waiting to the last minute to play journalist and question Mayor Tom via text and "social media". 

While the inept, lazy and otherwise disconnected FW media are fawning over the stunning technological superiority of the Henry campaign, the Maven understands the only attention from the media involving Mitch Harper's campaign was just a single question for the candidate, asking where he was planning to vote. Hmm. One would think that "15 Finds Out" could find that out. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Story The Media Didn't Want To Tell

While many Fort Wayne residents are in shock over the video-supported allegations of politicking and other documented shenanigans leading to the collapse of the Fort Wayne City Clerk's office, there are some in town who have known this day might eventually come, and dreaded it. 

Political insiders and democrat party members have known for years how the Clerk's office has operated during election years. No shock to them. 

But those most impacted by the unfolding scandal and resignations of Kennedy, Davis, and Stahlut are members of Fort Wayne's intrepid news media. For them, this was a story they hoped they would never have to cover, because most, if not all in the media, also knew how the Clerk's office functioned, especially during election years. The circle of power in Fort Wayne is quite small, there are only so many elected officials, only so many's much like Mayberry, but with better strip bars. 

For much of the last century government employees were used and abused to help their elected bosses keep their jobs, and their own jobs as well. It wasn't that many years ago, that workers at the Indiana License Branches were still required to kick back 2-5% of their salaries back to the party of their boss to help finance his next campaign. City and county employees as late as the 70's reportedly did the same thing. Thanks to Federal, State, and some local legislative ethics reforms, most of those political activities have been eliminated and many of those abuses have gone by the wayside. However, there are exceptions, as evidenced by the Clerk's Office imploding and ruining the careers of at least three people. While not a cesspool of criminal activity, the video speaks for itself to the current allegations at hand. Logic would indicate that what's seen on the video is not an isolated issue with a reasonable person left to conclude these practices are business as usual, maybe for the last 32 years. 

So, why is our Fort Wayne media covering the story? In the face of real, video evidence, they have no choice. The Maven can only imagine how the editors of the News Sentinel felt their hearts sink and then stick in their throats when Colin Keeney walked into their offices. This was an allegation they had heard before, but never pursued because it represented a classic "he said/she said" situation, and no one wanted to take on a politically powerful icon, with many rich, powerful friends. But now, the allegations had legs, and a video. Two hundred hours of video. This was a game-changer and the News Sentinel had to investigate and act. If they didn't Keeney would simply have to traverse the hall to the Journal Gazette and plead his case there. When Kevin Leininger's story hit the web and print, every other media outlet, even the kids in the WOWO newsroom, had "permission" to climb on the bandwagon and report a story they already knew about, but never wanted to present to their audiences. 

One can only imagine what other stories our media is not telling us. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

NBC33 Loves The Mayor

If the BS story about the "innovative" use of those "new fangled" QR codes on the incumbent's yards signs wasn't enough, NBC33 has found another way to "help out" their friends in the Henry campaign. 

In a promo running on their air and contained in radio commercials promoting NBC33's oddball newscasts on various radio stations, the TV station mischaracterizes the Legacy Fund origin and purpose and prominently features a sound bite from the mayor, himself talking about the Fund. 

What's wrong with this? 

First, there are factual problems. In the voiceover part of the NBC33 promo, the Legacy Fund is referred to as "for years the city has been saving money away in the Legacy Fund". Not true, the Legacy Fund is the result of Indiana Michigan's purchase of the old City Light department which used to provide electric power to the citizens of Fort Wayne. It is not a result of the city saving money and socking it away over many years.

Second, the Legacy Fund's use and administration is a bona fide hot topic in this year's mayoral election and was a feature of Channel 15's Monday night mayoral debate. Andy Downs saw to that when he formulated and wrote all the questions for Monday's debate (WANE TV must not have been capable of doing that). The prominent use of Tom Henry's comments about the Legacy Fund in the NBC33 promo can be seen as an endorsement of his reelection bid by NBC33, as well as free campaign advertising for the democrat. In many quarters, the current mayor has been credited with initiating and conducting the final negotiations that created the Fund and has even been referred to as "the father of the Legacy Fund". The Harper campaign should seek equal access under the current Federal Election Commission regulations. Since the announcements in question are "free" and cost the Henry campaign nothing, then Harper should also get the free advertising on NBC33 and the radio stations running the NBC33 promos, as well.

In essence, NBC33, by it's questionable and superfluous QR code news story, and "promo" which for all intents and purposes is a Henry campaign ad, must give one pause when considering NBC33 as a credible news source. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Technology? Yes, in 1994

The Maven calls "bullshit" on this story.

Fact, the QR code was released to commercial use in 1994 by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of the Denso Corporation. It's NOT new technology.

Fact, other political campaigns have used QR codes on their direct mail advertising, including campaigns by candidates in Fort Wayne as far back as 2007. This is nothing new. 

Fact, the media has an investment in Tom Henry winning a third term and want to protect that investment in the status quo.

Fact, Henry's opponent has been critical of the current administration's efforts to redevelop downtown, reportedly at the expense of the safety of citizens in other neighborhoods in town. 

Fact, this story has nothing to do with "new" technology in a political campaign but has everything to do with distracting would-be voters away from the four people murdered in the last few days. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Back To The Future Week at WANE TV

Kudos to the marketing and promotional geniuses at WANE TV for their diabolical Back To The Future promotion. 
Those fun-loving news folks kicked off the celebration with presenting a news story that had not happened yet. Back To The Future indeed!

And now, to wrap up the week of fun, frivolity and laughs, those notorious leg-pullers at WANE TV have a special treat in store for viewers tuning into Monday's 7pm mayoral debate. WANE TV, according to the information they provide to electronic TV listing feeds will apparently run a replay of the Fort Wayne mayoral debate from 2007, 8 years ago, featuring Republican Matt Kelty and Democrat Tom Henry. Look, it's in the listings, so it must be true. Pure genius. 

The technology for gathering TV program listings in database form has been around for years, but the distribution of those listings via a digital data stream to multiple platforms (electronic program guides, smartphones and tablets) began after 2007, the year of the Kelty/Henry debate. One argument has been made that the company in charge of compiling the listings substituted the old program description (the 2007 debate) for the new, current one. While that may be a convenient excuse, one must ask if WANE was lax in not providing timely information to the listings aggregator who may have defaulted back to the old, 2007 description. One must also ask why WANE did not exercise ordinary care in checking their listings, especially after crotchety media critics flooded social media with multiple examples of the error. 

Since the folks at WANE TV seem to be keeping a low profile, we'll probably never know the real story. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

WANE TV Back To The Future News

Witness here: WANE now presents news that hasn't happened yet. Behold, it's Future News! 

Now when WANE TV says "we were the first to report...." it's not just a marketing slogan. 

Look at the news copy, then look at the Maven's computer time/date. Hey, WANE TV reports it, so, it must be true.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Old Media Takes The Day

In today's media, the old folks, the dinosaurs, the geezers, otherwise know as the print media are looked upon as having one foot in the grave. 

Well, hold up on that print-media obituary, it's premature.

As the Fort Wayne City Clerk's office implodes under allegations of 1950's-style political shenanigans, it was not the TV stations, nor the kiddie bloggers, nor the kids in the WOWO news room that checked the facts and wrote detailed and compelling stories to bring this political scandal to light. It was journalists at the city's two newspapers who got their hands dirty and pulled this scandal, kicking and screaming, into the harsh light of day.

Kudos to the News Sentinel's Kevin Leininger and the Journal Gazette's Dave Gong for good, old-fashioned reporting. Kudos also to the leadership of both papers for not choosing to protect an entrenched political leader and her powerful and well-connected allies any longer. The fact that this story even appeared in the JG is an indication that this is a serious situation.

The Maven also finds no surprise that the TV stations waited until after the weekend to devote airtime to the story. Even the annoying "15 Finds Out" guy on WANE missed this one. The only reason WOWO had the story over the weekend can be attributed to WOWO's lean to the political right, and seized an opportunity to portray a democrat in a bad light. 

It will be interesting to see where this scandal goes and how deep into local government it takes us. The Maven is no pundit, but does believe that Leininger and Gong, and their respective newspapers, will be the conduit for new information, with the TV stations picking up the crumbs along the way. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cloning, Fort Wayne Radio

Sunday, between 2:00pm and 2:15pm, the cute little voice on K105 mentioned that The Walking Dead was coming back on TV tonight, but also noted with sadness that most of her favorite characters were dead. Bummer.

Imagine the Maven's surprise when between 4:15pm and 4:30pm, the same cute little voice on K105 mentioned that The Walking Dead was coming back on TV tonight, but also noted with sadness that most of her favorite characters were dead. A perfect duplicate, word for word, giggle for giggle. 

The light's on, but no body is home. The wonders of digital voice tracking and a large computer. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Someone is Off Message

Ad genius David Ogilvy had a memorable quote about consistency of message. The Maven is too lazy to look up the exact quote, but trust me, ad campaigns will fail miserably if the message is not consistent.

The same can be said of political campaigns. 

The Henry for Mayor campaign has done a very good job getting their message out to the public. Those running the campaign are experienced professionals who've enjoyed success in other campaigns they've run. It's a well-oiled machine.

If you have a mailbox in Fort Wayne, you've seen this well-crafted direct mail piece:

So, imagine the Maven's surprise and confusion at seeing this headline in the News Sentinel today:

Here's the dilemma: The Henry campaign message is the City is safe, the City is working. 

The police chief seems to be saying, "well, yeah, it's usually safe, but we'll hopefully be ready when the City is overrun by heathens and homegrown urban terrorists when the growing wave gets here in the near future". 

Now, yes, the Maven understands that it's wouldn't be beneath the "right-leaning" News Sentinel to "diddle" with a headline to make life harder for a democrat, but if one reads the quotes in the story, the headline is fairly accurate and true. 

The Maven is sure this little "bobble" will be worked out and "clarified" in the next day or two...... 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Creativity - Punching Grandma in the Gut

The Maven spent some time following an interesting thread on an acquaintance's Facebook page Tuesday afternoon. Seems this fellow has taken issue with a radio advertisement for Fred Toenges Shoe store. The ad is currently running on Majic 95.1 and may be on other stations as well.

Without going into too much detail, it seems the premise of the advertisement is an announcer "interviewing" the "store's oldest customer", an elderly woman. As the interviewer asks questions of the customer, it's apparent that the customer is having great difficulty hearing/understanding what is being asked. The customer becomes more frustrated and confused, as does the interviewer. (that's supposed to be funny, folks).

Now, the Maven is mindful that this scenario might be a real knee-slapper for persons under 30, but the general consensus of the comments on the friend's Facebook page reflect a very valid concern. The Fred Toenges advertisement is demeaning and advances a hurtful, harmful stereotype of elderly people and those who are hearing-impaired or who have other disabilities. Making fun of Grandma and her disability must be a real "hoot" to the hip and enlightened 20-somethings who seem to populate ad agencies, these days. It's too bad they couldn't work in a faulty crutch or wayward wheel chair into the mix for comedic relief. 

The Maven guesses that's what wins Addy awards, these days. 

Alas, this seems to be what advertising has become, taking the low road, swinging at low-hanging fruit, and using "humor" at the expense of other people's feelings and frailties. While the shoe store is no way blameless in this affair, the ad agency should bare the brunt of the responsibility for the hurt feelings and hateful thoughts. 

Shame on you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Where is Where?

Sometimes, these blogs write themselves. This is one of those times. If you're looking for snark about the children that run the WOWO news room, or WANE TV's latest screw up, sorry, you'll have to wait.

Instead, offered for your pleasure, is one more exhibit in the continuing movement of local print journalism slowly sliding into the dumpster of obscurity and non-relevancy. From the Friday evening News Sentinel.......

It appears that the writer managed to shoehorn in all the details EXCEPT one. WHERE? Where the hell does this wonderful event take place?!

UPDATE! N-S reveals the location.....5 days after the original story.....find the story here:

And this seems to be an issue with the News Sentinel.......from last year:

Getting Ugly-er

The promoter of the Luke Bryan concert in New Haven may want to have a conversation with the folks in the double-wide out on Maples Road. 

First it was K105 getting caught flat-footed when trying to bluff their way around a listener's question on social media, and when called on it, responding in a rude and condescending manner to the listener. "Lighten up" is not how we talk to listeners, advertisers or potential diary holders.

Well, now the comedy of errors continues, as K105's sister station WOWO, the Marconi award winning station, appears to have issues reading a map. 

Yesterday WOWO tweeted this map in their Twitter feed with this message:  
If you're going to the Luke Bryan concert Wednesday, here's a map of where you're supposed to go.

And later, they followed with this Tweeted map and message:
CORRECTION: The last map was directions when you leave the Luke Bryan concert. Here's the map for getting there. 

There is no doubt that Luke Bryan will give the fans a great show, that's what he does. 

However, considering the large sums of money that the promoter is spending to publicize and pull off this giant concert, next time the promoter may want to find another radio group to work with, perhaps one that can find it's ass without using both hands. 

This is embarrassing. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Protecting One's Friends

A fracas in a parking lot of a local club at 3:00am.

When it was Piere's back in March, WANE TV played stupid and did not mention the business by name when every other media outlet reported a parking lot shooting at Piere's.

When it's Early Bird Ultra Lounge, we get the name and address of the establishment. How come?

To the more cynical readers of this blog, it might appear that WANE TV feels some sort of obligation to keep Piere's out of the news. Good luck with that. 

Hello? Anybody home?

Here's what the ABC affiliate looks like tonight in Fort Wayne IN.

And here's the NBC station....

Your guess is a good as the Mavens.

First, it's WOWO and her FedMed sisters who can't survive a thunderstorm, now, two network TV affiliates can't keep things running. The Maven predicts the blame will fall to an equipment failure. Since Radio Shack if out of business, no word on how long the Please Stand By slides will be up.  

UPDATE! They're back, just in time for Dancing with the Stars and The Voice. Hope the bailing wire and chewing gum holds.....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Someone Needs an Attitude Adjustment

Watch and learn kids.  

How not to respond to a listener's question on social media:

Here's what the Maven thinks:

Issue one: You are responsible for updating the station's social media webpage, and not being able to answer a simple question regarding information that was posted earlier indicates you are either inept, irresponsible, or don't give a shit.

Issue two: When the listener presses you for a complete answer and notes that the info was posted earlier, you cop an attitude, "lighten up" is never an appropriate response to a listener or advertiser. This is not high school.

Issue three: Passing the blame to someone else on the station staff is the equivalent of throwing a coworker under the bus. If your promotions people are idiots, go over their heads, get the answers and let your listeners know.

Issue four: Working in the media gives you no special privileges to insult or demean those who chose to listen to your station, or those who you work with. I'm not sure who your promotion director is, but they not be sliding you any free concert tickets anytime soon.

If this were an isolated incident, the Maven might understand. However, K105 and the other members of the menagerie of stations in the doublewide out on Maples Road seem to have an issue with dealing with listeners in a positive manner. First that comes to mind is WOWO's former combative operations manager who, in the course of a broadcast, threatened to kill leaders the of a pro-life organization, identifying them by name. Then there's a former, disgraced News director, who carried an operating cell phone into open court as a publicity stunt and got arrested.

The bottom line is that some FedMed employees have "attitude" issues and don't play well with others who they purport to serve.  Further, it's apparent that FedMed management protects certain employees while allowing others to twist in the wind when the crap hits the fan. 

Thank you to Marti Taylor-Dee for allowing the Maven to use her messages and name. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Difference of Opinion

Our town is one of the last "two-newspaper" towns remaining in the country. While the Journal Gazette and News Sentinel share a building, printing press, sales staff, circulation department and toilet paper supply, the news rooms of each compete for readers and are totally independent editorially. When the Maven uses the word "editorial" it means more that just the opinion pages. Each news operation works to serve the needs of their target audience. Each is independently owned. Each shares an ownership stake in a separate company that operates the facility and buys the toilet paper.

Today's reporting on the Jeremy Washington case is a prime example of the editorial differences between the papers.

The Journal Gazette has a long history of being a "democrat" or "liberal" newspaper. The stories they choose to report and the manner in which they are written all cater the the audience they desire to deliver. That can be seen in their Tweet announcing the jury decision in the Washington case. 

Even the kids in the WOWO news room will notice that the JG leads with Washington being acquitted of the most "serious" charges. The jury did find Washington guilty of reckless homicide which, apparently, the Journal Gazette must feel is a minor offense. 

Why does the Journal do this? It's to cater to what they believe is their audience of enlightened NPR-listening liberals who don't want to portray members of the minority community in a less than favorable light. 

Contrast this with the News Sentinel which is proud of their Republican-leaning heritage. True to playing to their audience, the NS takes a more "law and order" stand and reports the trial outcome this way:

The News Sentinel report is also factual and correct. They chose to present the story in their style for their audience. 

Contrast this journalism with the news product churned out by the towns TV news operations. Usually a rehash of what the daily newspapers report and some cut and paste media releases thrown in for filler. 

In the final analysis, Fort Wayne is most fortunate to still offer print readers a choice, and in this case, a very discernible and easily understood difference.