Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Journalism vs Faux Journalism

In this day and age of dwindling resources, media outlets are sharing resources and news stories. We've all heard the phrase "from our reporting partners at.....". In theory it's a great idea, but as the devil is in the details, the concept does not always serve the audience well.

It should be easy for anyone to tell which of the news stories presented below is "journalism" and which is "faux journalism". One story is succinct and complete, the other is a disjointed study in ambiguity and poor writing. 

The WOWO News story:

The Journal Gazette story (first 2 'graphs):

The WOWO story seems to imply that the FWCS school board approved making a loan. The JG story correctly states that FWCS's board approved an application for a loan from a State fund. The WOWO story makes it sound like FWCS approved a loan to itself and fails to explain that the money would be coming from a State fund. 

One has to wonder how the Journal Gazette mutually benefits from this arrangement, but that's not for the Maven to determine. All appearances are that the radio people now are legitimately appropriating news content from the morning paper...something they have previously been stealing (without attribution) for decades.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How's It Feel, Tracy?

It was with a giggle, and a sense of irony, that the Maven read a Journal Gazette editorial regarding the alleged over charging of customers by Indiana Michigan Power company.

The fact that I & M got caught holding money they should have refunded is not noteworthy. What is noteworthy is the person that I & M trotted out to explain the situation to the Journal Gazette.

Yes, it's Tracy Warner, former editorial page editor for .... wait for it ..... The Journal Gazette. Yes, the same Tracy Warner who, for years, used the Journal Gazette editorial pages to do the political bidding of the Inskeep family in their efforts to play political king-maker and moral compass to the great unwashed. Now Mr Warner is the "media mouthpiece" for an evil, polluting  public utility. That's how Tracy would have described them if he were still slinging ink for the J-G. But times have changed, and money buys loyalty. 

It's Just A Headline...

Just a headline, but it says so much more. OK, there was a wreck. OK, a part of Illinois Road was closed. But the real message in the headline is that the media continues to try and shape public opinion by demonizing a certain segment of the automotive market. Those evil SUVs. Sport Utility Vehicles are the lightening rod for environmentalists, green energy worshipers, and politicians hoping to advance an agenda and stir class envy.

Consider: would you would never see a headline that says: 

"Mid-Size Compact Crash On Illinois Shuts Down......"
"Sub Compact Crash On Illinois Shuts Down......"
"Full-size Sedan Crash On Illinois Shuts Down......"
"Shitbox Dodge Crash On Illinois Shuts Down......"

Didn't think so.....

The demonizing of the Sport Utility Vehicle has been going on for more than a decade. Read about it here:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Radio On TV - Watching Paint Dry

Federated Media, doing what Federated Media does best, over promise and under deliver. The concept of simulcasting a radio show on TV has been around since the 1950's, but the PR machine at Federated Media would have us believe they invented the concept. Don Imus, Howard Stern and a few hundred others might want to argue the point. All semantics and puffery aside, beginning September 23rd, WISE TV 33 will simulcast an hour of "Fort Wayne's number one morning radio show" weekdays from 6am to 7am. Why only an hour? If this is really the number one rated morning show in the city, why not the whole thing? Your guess is as good as the Maven's. 

The pitfalls of this arrangement are obvious. Do the performers play to the camera at the expense of the radio listeners, or do they just 'do radio' and provide little visual stimulation? Given that Mr. Butcher has a great face for radio....that answer may be obvious. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TwoFer Tuesday

Today, two items for your consideration.

The first comes from the infamous WOWO newsroom where budget cuts also must mean spelling is optional.

Our other ditty comes from the Indiana Newscenter monolith.....where someone either has been watching too many episodes of Cops, or out-of-work lawyers are now writing their lackluster news copy. 
Seen today at the end of a news story:

Someone also might be trying to be a smart ass, which, in the news business, is to be expected. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Let The FedMed iPads Come To Life!

The Maven is not getting enough hate mail from the Maples Road area, so, let the FedMed, (traded out), iPads come to life!

OK, help me out here. Why is it important to note that the murder victim is Haitian? If the little girl we're Caucasian, Creole, or any other race, would it really matter? 

And, then there's the third paragraph:

Looks like were missing a word and some punctuation....but, that's par for the course.