Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FW Media Does Not Disappoint

When it comes to idiocy and ineptness, one can always count on Fort Wayne media to deliver giggles and grins.

First up, for all our "typo" fans, WANE TV does not let us down. Watch out for those "slicks roads"....

Now, on a more philosophical level, WPTA's story about a suspicious death, this morning, at a local motel seems to indicate that, 9 hours later, police are still swarming the scene, and the coroner's staff are still on the scene, after established business hours. The reality is that everyone has gone home with the exception of a lonely security guard watching the scene.

 This story was added to the WPTA website just after noon today and has not been updated since....even after the story was mentioned during the 6:00pm news cast. It's incredible that the kids at WPTA would lead their audience to believe that 9 hours later, police are still present, in full force at the scene. 

While this does not rise to the trendy term of "fake news", it does qualify for the Maven's category of "stupid news". 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Journal Gazette, again.

Fresh from embarrassing themselves with an inaccurate map of our city a few days ago, the kids at the morning paper have egg on their faces, once again. 

It's a nice article about IVY Tech, too bad the J-G headline writer became confused and named the school IPFW. Nice!

There was a time when attention to detail was important in the local media. Apparently, those days have passed. 

H/T to a fleet-footed and attentive reader for alerting the Maven to this story. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

MapQuest Much?

Sunday's Journal Gazette story about Fort Wayne's record murder rate included a handy little map, showing the location of each murder. There are lots of pins on the map, 48 to be exact. 

While the story is complete and accurate, the map the Journal Gazette created for this story has one flaw. 

According to the Journal Gazette, there are two "Wayne" streets. One runs east-west through downtown, and the other runs north-south beginning at Taylor.

Apparently, someone at the Journal Gazette is a complete idiot. The street downtown is, indeed, Wayne Street. However, the thoroughfare that begins at Taylor and runs south is South Wayne Avenue. Most school children and a few journalists know this fact, but the Journal Gazette is either sloppy or ignorant.

The Maven wonders why the Journal Gazette didn't simply use a Google Map or MapQuest, which already have the correct street names in place. Is it a question of licensing fees? Or was it cheaper to have a graphic artist whip up a quick map at deadline?

Either way, the Journal Gazette looks foolish, once again.