Thursday, January 31, 2013

Car Dealers Could Write Better Copy

Easiest job in the world. Write bad news copy, post it for the world to see. 

Maybe  WOWO 1190 (and now on 92-3 fm) could get Joe Davis, that car salesman that does his own commercials (and never seems to take a breath), to write their news copy. At least Joe knows the proper use of grammar and sentence structure.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Even The Journal Gazette Has Mondays

The last paragraph of this story illustrates that even the bastion of Fort Wayne journalism has a bad day every now and then. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Confusion Nothing New For TV Newsers

Very simple question. Is it a Hot Dog Cart?

Or is it a Food Truck?

Reading the headline and the body copy, apparently the journalistic geniuses at WANE TV don't know either.

 It's a great story about the success of Bravas folks and their delicious food. It's just a shame that our media can't properly identify what the hell it is. Par for the course.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hey, They Got The Month Right

Indiana NewsCenter, using their journalistic prowess, has managed to narrow the date of the Mayor's State of the City down to February. Nice going. 

Looks like the News Sentinel got it right...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You Are On Your Own....

The Maven always gets some heat whenever a piece of 'journalism' is posted from WOWO 1190 (and now on 92.3 fm). Even with all the firings and down sizing going on out on Maples Road, employees still seem to have enough time time to piss and moan when their sloppy and careless work is highlighted for the entire free world and parts of Arkansas to see. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that the Maven 'enhances' these examples. No, that's too much work.

Since the Maven is busy planning another journey to the Grand Lido on Jamaica and has no time to locate a red Sharpie, why not try and spot the errors yourself? 

It's easy. 

There are at least nine spelling, grammar, style and presentation errors below. 

Have fun, and happy hunting. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sloppy, I Just Hate Sloppy

This may not annoy you, but to the Maven, this is like the proverbial fingers on the chalkboard. If you are too young to know what a chalkboard is, please discontinue reading this and go about your regular business.

The fact of the matter is that sloppy presentation aggravates the media consumer and leave the advertiser with a less than joyous advertising experience. 

Please note the green vertical banner ads which frame the sides of this Indiana NewsCenter web story. 

Do they seem a little "tight" butting right up against the news copy? A closer look:

The Maven is unsure if the Girl Scout cookie folks are paying for this advertising banner, or if this is a kind gesture on the part of INC for community goodwill (cough, cough, giggle, giggle), but either way the Girl Scouts are not being served well by being placed in the position to irritate web readers who seek journalistic enlightenment on the INC website. 

It does seem ironic that the TV station who continually touts their technically superior "super dooper" weather radar as "a greater level of protection" to the community can't manage to get banner ads on their website to align and appear properly. 

Perhaps if Chief Meteorologist Curtis Smith wasn't so busy putting his credibility in question by personally endorsing Buick's for the Buick dealer in all those TV ads, he might lend his life saving technical skills to the poor intern who assembles the website content. But, where's the money in that?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Read A Radio Help Wanted Ad

You too, can join the glamorous world of radio. But, you have to know how to read between the lines to find the true qualifications that the employer desires of the applicant.

Follow along, as the Maven breaks down the typical Help Wanted Ad into easy-to-understand, bite-size morsels.

This ad was posted on on Friday.

Let's start at the beginning: 

The ad says: "Can you entertain? Can you work phones".
What this means: Can you show up for work, read the liners and manage to answer the request line at least once an hour?

The ad says: "Can you read your listeners and then relate in a way that makes them feel you're just like them?"
What the ad means: Can you read, write, speak and understand English and not treat your listeners like complete idiots?

The ad says: "..........we're looking for our next on-air star".
What the ad means: we fired the last guy because he made way too much money. 

The ad says: "Great staff, just looking for a Great team player!!"
What the ad means: You will be the lowest in seniority and don't gripe when you get stuck working all the weekends and holidays. 

The ad says: "...must have 2 years on-air experience, have excellent production skills, and a passion for great radio"
What the ad means: working the intercom headset at McDonald's drive through is not considered experience; you'll need production skills since you will be doing most of the commercials yourself, and passion means that you'll be paid less than the guy at the McDonald's drive through.

The ad says: " country with a CHR flair"
What the ad means: can you talk over record intros without stepping on the vocals?

The ad says: "send package to....."
What the ad means: the program director doesn't know how to open his email and needs an excuse to leave the building and go to the Post Office.

The ad says: "Do not e-mail your packages"
What the ad means: We just told you to mail your package. Now we're telling you you're an idiot for even considering using e-mail. Take note, this is how you will be treated if you work here, stupid. 

The ad says: "......Equal Opportunity Employer." 
What the ad means: We're required to say that, but we will fire anyone, regardless of race, creed, national origin......

Still considering a position in radio? Didn't think so. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pat Miller Returns, but only Pat Miller

Today is the day that Pat Miller returns to the WOWO 1190 (and now on 92.-3fm) in his familiar 3 to 6 pm time slot. 


Mr. Miller is a true Fort Wayne treasure, and his return to the airwaves, from which he was once banished, is cause for celebration. It is also a moment for us to reflect. 

While Mr. Miller represents a specific political viewpoint, no one can fault him for always treating his listeners, callers and advertisers with anything but respect. His ability to talk about the local community is remarkable. One only has to go back a year and recall his broadcasts about Aliahana Lemmon and how that story affected the community. There is no doubt that Mr. Miller's heart was in his work those days, and his questions, frustrations, and grief mirrored what most of Fort Wayne was feeling at the time. 

While we all celebrate, we also must remember those who will not be returning to their jobs at WOWO and the other Federated Media properties. The backlash of Mr. Miller's removal, his replacement by a hate-filled, megalomaniac, bent on destroying WOWO, as well as the resulting advertiser and listener fallout, cost at least 12 employees their jobs. 

While no one will shed a tear for Gregg 'hacksaw' Henson and the empty-suited idiots who hired him, the others who are not returning deserve to be remembered. Steve Brelsford, a dedicated and gifted production person of 34 years lost his job through no actions of his own. The skilled Zack Skyler, who toiled at the WMEE microphone doing mornings, afternoons and anything else his bosses asked was also let go. There are others, who's names you won't recognize, they, too need to be remembered. 

So, as we celebrate Mr. Miller's return, for more than a few, it's a hollow victory at best.