Monday, April 25, 2016

Fort Wayne Is Going To Jail

According WOWO 107.5 and 1190, Fort Wayne's only full-time radio news room, a man with the curious name of "Fort Wayne" is going to jail. What a coincidence, what are the odds of having that name?

Could this be the same fellow WOWO wrote about back in 2014. Same name, same dude?

Hey, if  WOWO says so, it must be true. You don't win Macaroni Radio awards by being lazy and inept. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

...Wasn't That A Punk Rock Band?

The Maven is unsure if the kids in the WOWO News room have access to a dictionary. You know, one of those book-like things that people used to slide under their monitors to assure proper viewing height? 

Why else would WOWO News publish a deceptive, and potentially inflammatory headline?


No other news outlet is reporting any physical or violent fighting between the Governor and the handful of useful idiots protesting his visit?

Yet, the Macaroni (heavy spelling satire) award-winning station paints an inaccurate and totally bullpucky picture of the days events. When you're the only radio station in town still reporting news throughout the day, getting away with a slipshod product never gets mentioned on performance reviews. 

And yes kids, the Clash was also a band....

Monday, April 18, 2016

And Then, There Were None....

The last, remaining member of 21Alive's popular weekday anchor team announced his impending departure on his Facebook page today.

Curtis Smith, one of the most accurate and believable weather anchors in town, announced his last broadcast will be Friday, April 29th.

News anchor Melissa Long began the exodus from the ABC affiliate announcing her retirement last year, leaving just before Christmas. Then sports anchor Tommy Shoegler exited to take a position with Parkview Sports Medicine in late January. 

Now, with Mr. Smith's approaching departure,  Quincy Newspapers, (21Alive's new owners) will have replaced well-known, long-term, established TV icons with new and, much less expensive news, sports and weather anchors. 

It is interesting to note that Mr. Smith will be joining Mr. Shoegler at a Parkview affiliate, Parkview Health. His title will be Director of Community Outreach. 

The Maven has always appreciated Mr. Smith's ability to deliver weather information, free of hype and hyperbole. 

Curtis Smith will be missed. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

A shocking news story from WANE TV:

How could that happen in Fort Wayne?

Well, it didn't. If you clicked the link from their Facebook post (SUCKER), you'll find that the story is reported by WSB-TV in Atlanta and actually took place in Nashville, TN. 

Why did WANE TV post it and imply that this story took place here? More clicks to their website, more money from advertising. 

Do you feel used? 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sports Is Not Journalism

Once upon a time, a crusty old City Editor once grumbled "sports is not journalism, it's the toy department". 

Apparently, at the News Sentinel, sports isn't even good English.

Congratulations to Fort Wayne's afternoon paper for creating a new word "expections". 

I'm sure it was a struggle to teach the Oscar Madisons of the world to use a computer, now if we could only get them to hit the "spell check" button, on occasion. 

Here, kids. This one's on me.....

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Imagine you pick up a newspaper, or, at the prompting of a friend, read a newspaper story on-line that mentions you by name while telling the story about another person. 

Imagine the writer of the story misspells your name throughout the entire story.

Imagine that the story mentions you have/had cancer and "came home to die"....a situation and scenario that you had probably not detailed to many friends or even some family members. 

Imagine that the reporter never contacted you, never interviewed you, never confirms the "facts" given him by the subject of the news story. 

Imagine you have no recourse to refute any of these "facts" and, at best, the paper will only honor a correction of your misspelled name. 

Well, at least the Journal Gazette had the decency to fix the misspelled name. Mighty nice of them.