Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lost Art of Proofreading

The Journal Gazette's Jeff Wiehe had a good article about Ken Scheibenberger and the City's Drug Den Ordinance in today's paper. 

However, it appears that Jeff's article is suffering the fate of many things that appear in the Journal Gazette. While spellcheck can by a reporter's best friend, nothing can replace good proofreading, which, apparently, is no longer a luxury the morning paper can afford.

Please note the words "signaled out". Could Jeff have meant "singled out"? I'm sure Jeff, during his journalistic education, was schooled in using common phrases that anyone can understand. I don't ever recall anyone using the phrase "signaled out" during my decades of talking with and interviewing people, as opposed to "singled out" which is more common.

So, raise a glass with the Maven, as we toast our long-gone friend, the proofreader.