Sunday, October 7, 2018

What's So Funny?

The Maven wonders what was in the coffee (or the brownies), as the crew of WANE 15's First News Saturday conducted what could only be called a "giggle-fest" Saturday morning (10/6/18)

While bright smiles and an upbeat attitude work well for morning programs, the Maven noted that the atmosphere was more than just jovial for the morning broadcast as both anchors seemed to be enjoying a joke not shared with the audience. 

The fun and frivolity weren't confined to just the West State studios, WANE 15's reporter-ette reporting live from a farmer's market seemed to get caught up in the fun. At one point, her giggles became so distracting that she actually turned her back on the camera and guest, to compose herself and then wrapped up her reported as she fought back the giggles. 

Now, the Maven is known to enjoy a good laugh, but really, kids. 

What was so damn funny that you couldn't share with the audience? 

You left us out. The least you could have done is to share those brownies. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Words From Someone Smarter Than Me

Is radio taking the same path to irrelevance that daily newspapers have fallen prey to?

The Maven invites you to read the words of radio-insider Dick Taylor who defines the issue and offers some suggestions and insight. 

Here's Dick's blog:

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Who Will Fill Charly's Shoes?

With the untimely passing of WOWO's Charly Butcher, WOWO's parent, Federated Media is facing more than just an employment quandary. 

It's hard to replace a legend, and it's even more difficult to replace someone who worked as hard at and who was as committed to his craft than Mr. Butcher. 

The people who operate FedMed don't handle change very well unless they're the ones making the change. The sudden loss of a beloved air personality has, according to people on the inside, created a debate about where Charly's replacement will come from. 

Here are FedMed's options, so the Maven has been told:

Promote from within the FedMed organization. Most likely the candidate would be someone from the South Bend cluster's News/Talk operation. There are more than a few talented individuals there.  

Conduct a nationwide search for an up-and-coming morning talent (hopefully more effective than their recent hire for K-105 mornings...more on that in an upcoming issue). One of the pitfalls of a nationwide search would be hiring another Gregg "Hacksaw" Henson. Henson is best remembered for triggering an advertiser revolt by firing Pat Miller, taking over his show, threatening the lives (on air) of several local right-to-life leaders and his attempt to kill WOWO's popular and enduring Penny Pitch charity. 

One more option would be to reach out to former FedMed employees who have moved onward and upward. Ryan Wrecker, now at KMOX, would be an example, as well as other FedMed alumni who still call Fort Wayne home, but now toil in other careers. 

If you're interested, here's what Charly's job entails: (thanks to Indiana Radio Watch, from their weekly column - used with permission):

Federated Media in Fort Wayne is looking for an experienced, multi-faceted News-Talk host for WOWO 1190AM/107.5FM’s morning show.

You’ll host “Fort Wayne’s Morning News” (FWMN) which airs 5A to 9A. It is a fast-paced presentation of the day’s top news, traffic, weather, sports, business news and farm news. It also airs live on MYTV from 5:30A-7:00A. Our morning host will work with a wide rolodex of local, state and national newsmakers ranging from local mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs and fire officials to Indiana’s Governor, Senators and Congressmen.

The Morning-Drive host is responsible for, but not limited to:

• Hosting FWMN from 5a-9a
• Prepping content for FWMN
• Reporting and following live breaking news events
• Reporting and researching local news events
• Monitoring sources for breaking news on-air and online
• Interacting with the Fort Wayne community both online and in person
• Audio editing and logging
• Appearing at local events and monthly remotes
• Booking and calling guests on occasion

Ideal candidates will have experience working in a daily newsroom environment and hosting experience. They will be able to work well with others and have a good understanding of local issues, politics and economics. They’ll need to be a morning person as our morning host shift can start as early as 4A and they must be comfortable on live television. The ideal candidate must be savvy with social media and able to inform and entertain online and on-air while also being fair and balanced. Most importantly, our ideal candidate will have the desire to learn the heartbeat of WOWOland and share it with our listeners.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please send a cover letter and resume, as well as a link to your digital portfolio/demo, to WOWO News/Program Director Kayla Blakeslee at

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Literally? Totally!

It's a word that's so over-used, it's become more than just an annoyance, it's become a general pain in the ass. 

It's a word that routinely makes those year-end lists of words that should be banned. 

It's a word, like many, that's so over-used that it's generally meaningless. 

The word? 

Listen to any conversation at your local Starbucks or any group of over-educated Millenials, and you will hear it. The word?


No, that's the word. 

So, when it makes it's way into the news writing, even in conversational story-telling, the annoyance factor kicks in. A useless word, holding no meaning, literally. 

While LITERALLY is the most notorious, check the list for more.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Journalistic Economics

A possible gang-related shooting at the Glenbrook Square Mall parking lot. Both TV news operations covered the story and did a fairly good job - heavy on details, and light on conjecture. Well done. 

But, the contrast between WANE-TV and WPTA/ABC21 coverage shows a sharp difference in their follow-up stories. 

WANE-TV plays it straight, adding new information and getting a usable response from mall management. 

Read the WANE-TV story here:

WPTA/ABC21 takes a different approach. 

Read the WPTA/ABC21 story here: 

Relying heavily on the media press release from the police spokesman, as WANE-TV did, WPTA/ABC21 fills in the blanks of who, what, why, where and how and then offers something additional. The WPTA/ABC21 story uses their news product to go out of the way to reassure and comfort viewers that the malls are safe and secure. Besides the obvious ass-kissing, WPTA/ABC21 appears to be doing their best to protect the lucrative advertising contracts from Glenbrook Square. 

That, kids, is the economics of "journalism" in Fort Wayne TV news. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Laughing At Media

The Emperor Has No Clothes.....

...the Media have no pride.

WOWO News with word of a PLAN crash...

Plan crash? Kids! Is that like a "plane" crash? The Maven has a feeling you'd never do that to an advertiser's name or commercial copy. 

At least the WOWO kids knew it was an aircraft.

The people in the pretty building on Butler Road left the airplane totally out of their story. 

Reading this story, it sounds like the pilot landed on his ass in the middle of a field without an airplane. But that's OK. Their newscasts save lives.