Sunday, January 28, 2018

Perhaps a case for Lt. Columbo.......

Even the error-prone WPTA21, where the kids in the WOWO news room copied the story from, included the WHY. But,WOWO must have thought it unimportant.

Certainly you'll recall that a news story requires WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW. Leaving one out renders the story useless to readers/viewers/listeners. Most writers would have learned this on their way to a Journalism degree. 

However, if you your degree is in Eastern European Art Appreciation and Essential Oil might have missed it 

Monday, January 8, 2018

400th Post

For those of you keeping score at home, this is the FW Media Maven's 400th blog post. 

To mark this occasion, and to begin the new year, the Maven would like to share some information about this blog's purpose and intent. 

First, and foremost, this blog is about the Maven's observations of local media. Do not expect this to be a fair and balanced assessment. It's the Maven's opinions and reactions to what our local media outlets spew forth every day. If you don't like something or don't agree, that's just ducky. You have the option of leaving the page, responding by email, or starting your own Blogger account to express your views. It's still a free country. 

Let's get a few simple things out of the way first. 

Q: Why do you hide behind an assumed identity? What are you afraid of? 
A: Simple. Branding. FW Media Maven has a better "ring" to it and is more memorable than "Lazlo Magillicuty". 

Q: Why do you always pick on WANE-TV/WOWO/WPTA etc. 
A: Easy, they screw up more than most other media outlets. And they have thin skin. 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish pointing out minor mistakes?
A: Well, many issues the Maven highlights are not minor. Anyone in the market who purports themselves to be "coverage you can count on" should be able to pronounce the names of local streets, surrounding towns, and local politicians. It's a credibility issue. Local media generally fails at this, considering the revolving door that media has become. 

More than a few readers suffer from the impression that the Maven unfairly singles out reporters for ridicule. That has never been the intent. 
Keep in mind it's the Maven's policy to avoid criticizing individuals, personally. Avoid is the important word. If a reporter is doing a live shot and is ill-prepared, appears distracted, and generally screwing up, the Maven will name him or her. 
The Maven, however, recognizes that typos and graphic mistakes happen. While these miscues are generally the responsibility of the individuals who make them. the owners of these media outlets share in this criticism. Because of the tremendous debt load these owners carry, they feel they must continually cut costs (people) in order to remain profitable to their owners in Quincy and parts unknown. That means reporters now not only report, but write, produce, photograph the stories they cover, as well as churning out content for their social media platforms. However, the Maven can confirm that reporters no longer are forced to wash and wax the general manager's Mercedes on the weekends. Score!

If you have any other questions, the Maven will be happy to address them at 

The Maven reserves the right to use your comments and respond in a snarky or non-snarky manner. 

Pandemic Media Ignorance

If you thought that only Fort Wayne media outlets routinely made fools of themselves, you may want to reconsider that position. 

A sharp reader of this blog passed along a tidbit from some outfit called CBS4 in Indy during the runup to Sunday's weather event (previously known as a 'storm').

CBS4 Social Media users received this piece of journalistic excellence:

There is no word in the English language as PRODIMENT. Taking a wild guess, the Maven thinks the confused CBS4 typist meant to use the word PREDOMINANT. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

WANE TV Cited Site Sighted Moving Mercer County

Uh, kids....there is NO Mercer County in Indiana. The closest one is in OHIO.

And then the sight of the cited site:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Trendy WANE TV

One of the more prevalent trends in media writing is the use of geneder-neutal words to replace politcally incorrect terms like Councilman. It's sexist and offensive. 

Following the trend, WANE TV is careful to use "councilor" in this story. 

But true to form, in the next paragraph, WANE TV not only reverts back to the offensive male-version of the word, they use it in the singular form "councilman". 

The only conclusion the Maven can draw from this is that sloppy news writing trumps political correctness, every time.

Monday, November 27, 2017

OK, WPTA, Which Is It?

Media elite like to complain that their audience is ignorant and confused, and must depend on them for information and direction. 

Then the media elite do something like this. 

They tease their news story with a factually ignorant Tweet:

But their news story says something different:

So, who officially ruled the death a homicide? New Haven PD, or the Allen County coroner? 

To be clear, by Indiana statute, only the county coroner can make the official determination when it comes to cause of death (blunt-force trauma) and manner of death (homicide). While the New Haven police are reliable professionals, they are not entitled by Indiana statute to make the determination that WPTA indicates they did in the Tweet promoting their story. 

Simply stated, the media elite are either lazy or just as confused as the audience they like to ridicule.

Ignorance or arrogance? Maven thinks its a little of both.  

Friday, November 24, 2017

WFFT Skips A Few Steps......

Another senseless murder. 

Another media outlet reports "facts" without attribution, substantiation, or corroboration that may make it more difficult to prosecute the alleged shooter. 

Usually, when someone is accused of a crime, media goes out of their way to say "alleged" shooter or the suspect "allegedly" shot someone, as well as inserting phrases like "police say" or "according to police". Not here. 

Read the second sentence.....

"Rivera shot and killed Jacob Walerko Thursday night in an attempted robbery."

WFFT does not cite a source, instead stating for a fact that Mr. Rivera is responsible for the death of Mr Walerko. 

From all indications, that is most likely the case, but it's not something a journalist would put in print or publish without citing police, prosecutors or other law enforcement official. Usually there's a trial, a jury and a verdict......just like on Law & Order on TV.

If this case does go to trial, be assured the defense will ask for a change of venue, given that "my client has already been convicted in the media" while waving around a copy of the WFFT news story during preliminary hearing phase.

You can read the story here: