Saturday, March 11, 2017

New YWCA Goes Missing

Missing, at least in this WANE TV news story. 

It's a great story, but the kids at WANE TV are either lazy, inept, or forgot to paste in the address from the YWCA press release.

The Maven also wonders how the WANE TV photographer got such great pictures of the place, when no one at the station seems to know the where the place is. 

Now, the location may have been mentioned in the video that accompanies the story, but not everyone has the time to sit through a commercial before the content plays, has WIFI available, or wants to waste their data allotment. 

You can find the story here:

Friday, March 3, 2017

WANE TV Trifecta

Who knows why these stories all have textual flaws......

Could it be they were written on iPads and Autocorrect took control?

Maybe something glitched when the text file was transferred to HTML?

Or, maybe they were drunk?

Could the mean MANY instead of MAN?

Could they mean "BEER" instead of "BETTER"?

Any idea on the missing word? LOCATION? ADDRESS? 

Whatever the reason, the errors persist and no one notices or seems to care. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

WPTA 21 - Home of Awkward Writing

In what has been deemed the most awkwardly-presented news story of the week, WPTA 21 give us a textbook example.

This week's gem: An awkward graphic, and awkward headline and awkward copy.

Here's a larger look at the picture....

All the electronic graphic doo-dads that WPTA supposedly has at their disposal, and this looks like Mrs. Brown's third grade finger-painting class could have done a better job.

Monday, February 20, 2017

WOWO Never Disappoints, Episode 16

Lip gloss overload in the WOWO news room.....

If you can spot the error, you're smarter than the kids in the WOWO news room. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

WPTA: Which House Is It?

Really. Which HOUSE do the kids at WPTA mean?

The US House of Representatives?

The Indiana House of Representatives?

The House at the end of the street?

Maybe, Doctor House?

Read the story, and see if you can tell.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

WPTA Makes It Up...

OK, they didn't make it up, they just took some liberties with Indiana law....

Indiana does not have a statue against driving "high". Indiana does, however, have statues against driving while intoxicated and/or driving while impaired. 

So, rather than "confuse" their audience with legal jargon, WPTA merely changed some words around. This, to make their news story more "relate-able" to their ignorant Indiana audience by adding "street" jargon, everyday words, conversational writing. What's the harm, it's only silly legal words?

What's the harm? First, WPTA, technically, is lying to their audience. The woman was not charged with driving while high. Second, WPTA further damages their already shaky credibility with their audience by assuming they are ignorant and foolish and need to be spoon-fed information so as not to confuse them. And further, if WPTA will cut corners like this, what's to prevent them from playing fast and loose with other "facts" that they don't think their audience will grasp or embrace.

The Maven recalls it was WPTA who published this gem a few years ago, noting with near astonishment that the jury verdict was unanimous. Apparently it was news to them......that a verdict in a criminal case required a unanimous verdict. Who knew?

The News Sentinel gets the story correct, and does not insult their readers. 

Here's the link:

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pizza Anyone?

February 9 is National Pizza day, and the kids in the WOWO news room celebrate it by pulling a national story that mentions national chains and totally igonres Fort Wayne's hometown pizza restaurants. No, they're not being mean, just lazy. Cut and paste......

When is a street a road? When it's a drive. 

Fort Wayne media has a well-earned reputation for bamboozling their audience when it comes to street names, addresses, and directions. A confused WOWO newsy continues to tell listeners that Wayne and Berry intersect on the east side of downtown.....and WANE TV seems to have a penchant for calling any paved thoroughfare a road.......