Monday, December 4, 2017

Trendy WANE TV

One of the more prevalent trends in media writing is the use of geneder-neutal words to replace politcally incorrect terms like Councilman. It's sexist and offensive. 

Following the trend, WANE TV is careful to use "councilor" in this story. 

But true to form, in the next paragraph, WANE TV not only reverts back to the offensive male-version of the word, they use it in the singular form "councilman". 

The only conclusion the Maven can draw from this is that sloppy news writing trumps political correctness, every time.

Monday, November 27, 2017

OK, WPTA, Which Is It?

Media elite like to complain that their audience is ignorant and confused, and must depend on them for information and direction. 

Then the media elite do something like this. 

They tease their news story with a factually ignorant Tweet:

But their news story says something different:

So, who officially ruled the death a homicide? New Haven PD, or the Allen County coroner? 

To be clear, by Indiana statute, only the county coroner can make the official determination when it comes to cause of death (blunt-force trauma) and manner of death (homicide). While the New Haven police are reliable professionals, they are not entitled by Indiana statute to make the determination that WPTA indicates they did in the Tweet promoting their story. 

Simply stated, the media elite are either lazy or just as confused as the audience they like to ridicule.

Ignorance or arrogance? Maven thinks its a little of both.  

Friday, November 24, 2017

WFFT Skips A Few Steps......

Another senseless murder. 

Another media outlet reports "facts" without attribution, substantiation, or corroboration that may make it more difficult to prosecute the alleged shooter. 

Usually, when someone is accused of a crime, media goes out of their way to say "alleged" shooter or the suspect "allegedly" shot someone, as well as inserting phrases like "police say" or "according to police". Not here. 

Read the second sentence.....

"Rivera shot and killed Jacob Walerko Thursday night in an attempted robbery."

WFFT does not cite a source, instead stating for a fact that Mr. Rivera is responsible for the death of Mr Walerko. 

From all indications, that is most likely the case, but it's not something a journalist would put in print or publish without citing police, prosecutors or other law enforcement official. Usually there's a trial, a jury and a verdict......just like on Law & Order on TV.

If this case does go to trial, be assured the defense will ask for a change of venue, given that "my client has already been convicted in the media" while waving around a copy of the WFFT news story during preliminary hearing phase.

You can read the story here:

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Search Warrants Take On Human Form and Function

OK, kids. Here's how it works:

1. A judge issues a search warrant.

2. The police serve the search warrant and

3. Seach the premises or area specified for the item or items specified. 

Please note, the search warrant is a piece of paper, it is not capable of performing human tasks....such as searching. That is done by police officers, real humans.

To state in your news story that "several stolen items were seized during the search warrant" is not correct. The items were seized during a "search", NOT a search warrant. 

Oh, and by the way, it's Daylight SAVING time. There is no S on SAVING. Check your AP Style book for's over in the corner of the news room.....under the lipgloss and eye makeup.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another Mass SHOTING ... Really?

First, on Monday night, WPTA21 repeatedly runs a stale news update in primetime saying "coming up at 5pm" during Dancing With The Stars, and then today, WANE-TV embarrasses themselves, and poor Pat Hoffman, with a graphic that defies explanation.

Why do our local stations continue to do everything they can to tarnish and damage their credibility?

Perhaps because the audience no longer demands that local TV media be anything more than just chewing gum for the eyes. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Confused Again

The Maven cringes whenever our local TV "journalists" try and explain anything having to do with the law, medicine, or nuclear physics. 

In what should be a simple bar assault story, the kids in the WANE-TV newsroom do their best to confuse their audience by reporting that a man was beaten into a medically-induced coma. 

Usually, medically-induced comas are performed in hospitals and not on barroom floors. So, in reading the WANE-TV story, does that mean an EMT, doctor, nurse, or another qualified medical professional beat the living daylights out of the man at the bar?

To further bamboozle and confuse the audience, WANE-TV can't decide, 
(1) if the medically-induced coma was performed at the bar, or 
(2) at the at a local hospital. 

The writing is "murky", to say the least. 

And one more thing:

Friday, September 1, 2017

WTF Friday

Fort Wayne's Media Maven presents another WTF Friday

Real news stories that leave the audience scratching their heads and muttering "WTF"?

Here's an everyday, garden-variety news story about an everyday garden-variety crime. Except the bad guys must have had some exceptionally dangerous hands and feet in order for the police to include those appendages in their official report along with a hand gun. 

So what's the real issue here? 

The Maven thinks someone in LaGrange County law enforcement is having a little fun with the kids in the WANE TV newsroom. 

Local media has long been accused of just cutting and pasting their news stories from press releases provided by the authorities.  This time, the cops have caught local media red-handed.

In this case, the folks in LaGrange have gotten a good laugh at the expense of local journalists stenographers, and have given the rest of us a good WTF moment.