Thursday, June 29, 2017

WOWO News - Dazed & Confused

WANE TV did their best to inject themselves into the local income tax hike story using fuzzy math to confuse and confound their audience. 

Not to be out done, the kids in the WOWO news room have added their own two cents worth. 

First off, WOWO commits journalistic malpractice by writing:

In reality, no one, not City Council, not anyone at the "hearing" voted to increase local income taxes. It was a public hearing designed to give residents on either side of the issue a chance to speak. The Council will tentatively vote on the increase on July 11.

So, where did the 2-1 number come from? Perhaps, a quote from the sponsor of the increase, Godfather John Crawford is to blame for dazing and confusing the "journalist".....

It's unclear if the inexperienced WOWO staffer misunderstood Dr. Crawford's summary of the hearing, or if the writer is unclear how local government functions. Either way, WOWO, again, kicks their credibility to the curb. 

Now, all is not lost, however. WOWO did have a chance to give an advertiser some much-needed, valuable publicity, highlighting them as an expert on the issue.....

At least the kids in the WOWO news room got the advertiser's name correct. 


The WOWO story is here:

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