Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WOWO News - Rear-Ending Audiences Everywhere!

From the kids in the WOWO news room.....

The Maven hopes the man recovers from being 'rear-ended' (can only imagine how painful that might be). 

Hope his trailer is OK, as well.

WOWO, your Macaroni Award-winning station.

Monday, August 22, 2016

15 Finds Out.....eventually

The Maven saw this go by on Facebook, and just had to check it out. 

We can always "count on" our friends at WANE TV to bring us the latest news.....even if it's a month or two old. In the news biz, we call that stale

Tonight's big story: 

An important story? Yes. A timely story? Not so much. 

While the anchor team breathlessly told us about the skyrocketing cost of this life-saving device, other media had the story last week.

Another had it six weeks ago:

Monday, August 15, 2016

Stumble Bums

Here's why the newscasters on WANE TV stumble through the news......

The folks that write the news, leave out a word now and then.

And all this time, we thought they were just drunk. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Journal Gazette Throws A Curve

It's no secret that 100% of the news that the local audience ingests comes from one source....the Journal Gazette. Every news outlet relies on the morning paper to set the tone and agenda for what gets reported. 

So, when the Maven spied the word PAUCITY in a recent Journal Gazette story, the Maven got quite a chuckle. The reason for the words presence in the story is very clear. The J-G writer wanted to throw a curve ball at those in the electronic media who would eventually rewrite and regurgitate the story and pass it off to their audiences as their own work. To the Maven's knowledge PAUCITY did not make it into the electronic media stories, however the Maven (and the Journal Gazette writer) would have loved to see the kids in the WOWO news room scratching around to find a dictionary to decipher this "new" word. 

Well done, Journal Gazette. Well done. 

And just in case you misplaced your dictionary....

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Obligatory WOWO Friday F* Up

(Yeah, they wrote it on Thursday...but the Maven saw it on Friday......)

They will blame the keyboard. 
They will blame the software.
They will blame auto-correct.
They will blame anything they want.
But they will never accept responsibility for the lack of focus, lack or detail, or lack of concern for their listeners/readers. 

How do simple, yet telling, blunders like this ever see the light of day? Easy. Management doesn't care. Just like the Home Comfort weather sponsorship commercial that continues crow that "winter is nearly over and summer is coming soon" ... as long as the ad dollars keep rolling in, why change anything?

Monday, August 1, 2016

You Had One Job.....

If you are going to copy off your neighbor's paper, the least you could do is copy correctly. 

When you hear or see the phrase "from our partners in news..." it usually means what you are about to hear, see or read has been copied from another, sometimes competing, news operation. 

That's fine, except the kids in the WOWO news room notoriously screw up simple copying. 

The latest insult to journalism: 

Here's the original (from WOWO's partner in news), 21Alive (they got it right):

There's a good chance the original WOWO story is still up on the interwebs, here:

The Maven wonders if the new owners of 21Alive will continue this news "partnership" given that WOWO news tends to make 21Alive look foolish by carelessly misstating the details of the news stories they "borrow" from them.  

And, for the record, kids....it's Harrison. Harrison, like the building down by Parkview Field.