Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Math Error Forces More People Out Onto The Street

A Sunday afternoon fire at the Coliseum Inn left a number of people without a place to stay. 

Local media dutifully reported the incident, but couldn't quite agree on the number of displaced persons.

WOWO puts the number at "dozens" or 50, including six kids:

WPTA places the number at 46; forty, plus six kids, very close to the WOWO figure. 

But leave it to the Journal Gazette to top the chart with their total of 120 people! 

To what does the Maven attribute the disparity? Not sure, maybe it's one of those pesky "rounding" errors? Maybe the Journal Gazette counted twice? Maybe they let the folks from Circulation formulate/inflate the total. (a little inside newspaper joke)

They must not teach simple arithmetic in Journalism school anymore.....