Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Missing Something II

The Maven is sure that as soon as they come back in from their extended smoke break, the folks at the News Sentinel will add some words to this page. 

The Maven can only imagine the panic from the kids in the WOWO news room. "OMG, the news is broken, again." 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Missing Something?

Journal Gazette, News Sentinel. Welcome back, we missed you.

For reasons still not explained by either, both Fort Wayne dailies were nowhere to be found online this morning. One reader telling the Maven that the outage began early this morning. 

All across the Summit City, confused individuals could be observed scratching, poking, massaging and even banging their iPads and tablets. Each person hoping to whack some sense into their devices and thus bring their favorite newspaper website into view. But, trendy Starbucks and those also-ran coffee establishments, Fort Wayne's over privileged social elite were left with only the Wall Street Journal and TMZ as reliable sources for the morning's news. 

Adding insult to injury, a few news rooms across the city were without their main source of copy-and-paste content. Interns and other low-level personnel were quickly pressed into service as station vehicles were fired up and took to the streets to search the city for a hard copy of the Journal Gazette. This fiasco the result of local media outlets cancelling their print newspaper subscriptions as a cost saving measure. Love those bean-counters
Then, suddenly, as if my magic, whatever ghost or goblin responsible for this electronic news blackout quickly left before lunch and the Journal Gazette and News Sentinel appeared on the interwebs, and the kids in the WOWO news room could breathe a little easier..... 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Latest From the WOWO Romper Room

Andy in Kendallville writes: "What? WOWO hasn't f8cked up lately?". 

Well, Andy, the Maven's been a little busy lately with more important tasks, such as cleaning out gutters, taking the boat to the marina, and getting the snowblower ready for winter. But for you, Andy, let's see what's up with the kids in the WOWO Newsroom.

First, there seems to be some confusion as to where DANA is headquartered. At least WOWO has it pinned down to somewhere in Ohio. 

It's becoming clear that only Andy in Kendallville, and the Maven seem to be concerned....

By the way, WOWO, most "suspects" are 2-armed. They were born that way......

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Media Irresponsibility

Significant outbreak? How about NO outbreak. Media can't seem to wait for the bodies to start piling up. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ambiguity Reigns Supreme

Once again, the kids in the WOWO news room have taken a simple news story, and for reasons known only to them, reduced it to a confusing mess. 

The first paragraph:
A man? Could you mean Jim Mutton? So, according to the story from WOWO, it would appear that Jim Mutton is asking the permission of Blue Stone Town Homes to allow him to build 24 duplexes. No? 
The Maven is unclear on what type of zoning or construction authority that Blue Stone Town Homes has in Allen County and why Mr. Mutton has to seek their authority to build. The Maven could swear that the Allen County Plan Commission still handled those chores. 

But wait, there's more in the second 'graph:
Just what are these duplexes going to "entice" the baby boomers, young professionals and old folks to do? Buy lawnmowers? Perhaps WOWO means the duplexes will appeal to those groups.......

And then the last paragraph:

Now wait a minute! Any idea what Blue Stone Town Homes, and Keller Development, Inc have to do with each other, if anything? And for those of us who don't know where Centaur Acres subdivision is, a little more information would be helpful.

Friday, October 3, 2014

21Alive, Thank You For The Friday Funny

Mistakes happen. How one responds separates the humans from the thin-skinned idiots.

The Maven admits laughing out loud and pounding the desk when this appeared on the 21Alive webpage.

And the Maven was very impressed with 21Alive's sense of humor responding to the error:

Nicely done, 21Alive, thanks for the laugh. This is not how the kids in the WOWO news room would have handled the situation.